I'm still here

So despite my initial enthusiasm for this blog, life got took hold of me and it appeared as though it would never let go. But with the onset of Spring Break, aha! I have broken free! Now, my only task is try to recover from brain/life overload! I fear that I have forgotten what the purpose of my blog really is, but I'm sure in time, it will present itself. It's nice that so many blogs have such a narrow focus. Perhaps this is only possible when people have multiple blogs, or maybe they have concise, focused lives. How boring!
I'm actually very surprised at how intimidating it is to write a blog, being an English Education major. With this in mind, I must remind myself that this is exactly why I need to write a blog: to improve my writing, vocabulary, and especially to work on my grammar! I laugh at myself when I think of how silly this is to the common reader, but it's just how I am. I have a particular professor who seems to feel I use too many explicit words, and he's probably right. But you see, to me, it just seems like more words must be better, more words will certainly not cloud the meaning of my sentences. He wrote on a paper of mine about when writers "befuddle their readers" and the reader has to re-read something, they have failed in their writing. Ouch--but well said professor!
Spring Break is here and I have merely 3 goals (and a few more minor things to focus on): one, to see all the people that I have planned on seeing before I have my wisdom teeth removed, read Frankentstein, and to use my extractions to lose a few pounds before next week's weigh-in. Ever since Jon and I have joined Weight Watchers, we have done fairly well at losing weight each week. I'm hoping that since most my girlfriend's and I will be going out to eat to "catch up" on things, that the weight I gain from those festive times will melt off when I can't eat! Let's cross our fingers on this!
My daughter and I took a nap this afternoon. I slept for nearly 2 hours and she is still sleeping after nearly 3.5 hours! No wonder she's been less than angelic!
Since I really have nothing left in my brain to discuss intellegently, I think I will head over to some other blogs and enjoy someone else's life.


My Emergence Into BLOG WORLD

So, here I am. I've been contemplating the start of this blog for quite some time. Yet, somehow I know very little about this entire blog-world. It's as though I'm straining for my first breath. I have no idea what I'm getting myself into... Well, I certainly have some ideas. I hope to have time to add more later, but for now I must leave. WOW! I feel like a 6 year old that just received a new puppy! HA! Let's see how many nights I'm up blogging (perhaps FAR beyond the new puppy owner.)