Good friends are the people in your life that not only accept you for who you are... but somehow, quite effortlessly, make you feel "normal."



Good Thought

A quote on my friends f-book profile caught my eye...

Life must be lived forwards, but can only be understood backwards. - Soren Kierkegaard

I dig it.


I wish I could go

Back in time

To see

If people have always been so inconsiderate

This isn't said towards any one specific person/circumstance.

And, I imagine I'd find what I find today. Which, is exactly why I needed to say it.

And... I don't say it thinking that I'm any more considerate than the next person. I do try to be, but I can't really say that anyone else doesn't. It does feel that way at times. But that's part of the definition of inconsideration is, isn't it?


Just Because

I've just now realized why my blogging is so sporadic. I like to blog whenever I need to escape. And it's not that everything is so amazing that I no longer feel the need to escape, it's just that there are so few times that I do escape and so many other ways that I choose over blogging. Like what you ask? Like running. Like making cards/invitations. And shopping. And going to Borders sans children. Wait, going anywhere sans children--- or even going places with only 1 kid. Hanging out with friends, usually at my place.

Running: Just like last time, I managed to gain 70+lbs with this pregnancy. So, even though weigh around 35lbs less than the day I gave birth, I still have a long ways to go. AND, even though my stamina is, uhmmm, sucky I can still manage to jog longer than 1 minute at a time. Long enough, in fact, that it is already enjoyable. Better yet: once I manage to make it out of the house with the girls, there's totally childcare at the Y! AND (as if it needs to be better) they remember Elseigh (spelling included) from when I took her there around 2 years ago!

Cards/Thank You's/Invites: Creatively expressing myself is the best. The downfalls: $$$ & E wants to use my glue/ribbons/punches/stencils/stamps. That wouldn't be much of a problem except for the fact that she's not any better at cleaning up than I am and, a related problem, things get lost. I'll be posting some of my "work"--- eventually.

I would keep going, but the rest are pretty obvious. And both kiddos are back at home. Oh, and there are so many things to tackle before a dear friend comes over... but I think she might be in the driveway.


Just testing.
Technology is an awesome way to... waste time, but I dig it.