Check it out!

I have to admit that, the first time I'd ever heard of the deep-fried twinkie, I was a bit shocked. Although I haven't tried one, I have an idea of why they are supposedly so great. And I also realize that deep-fried anything may not be a bad idea. But THIS, this is an entirely different matter.

Because I'm not entirely sure how to politely give credit where credit is due, I'm simply going to create a link for you to go directly over to a local Wichitan's blog. Let's just say, that if you ever have chocolate cravings, this will make you look at it in a whole knew way! Click here and let me know what you think!(Phew! I nearly forgot how to create a link!)


On the Hunt

There are reasons people work for the same company year after year, pushing papers in a job they hate. I suspect that one of those reasons is the fact that they know things really could be worse. They could be out looking for a job.

Now don't think that I'm trying to throw myself a giant pity party, I realize job searching isn't literally the worst thing in the world, at least, not yet. The process that was so seemingly simple in the table-waiting, burger-flipping side of the world, turns into a tangled mess of presumptions and questions: to call or not to call? to take an interview for a job on the bottom of the list? when to stop listing previous employers? required salary? who to ask for references? how to put on your best commercial at the interview?

Ugh. I dread the interview. I've honestly become quite skilled at interviewing---in my mind. Yet somehow, the live event never comes out so smoothly. You're supposed to sound too good to be true? Here's the part I just cannot wrap my brain around: I don't like marketing, I don't like scams, I'm just an honest girl trying to find an honest job with an honest company, why do you want me to pretend I'm better than sliced bread or a miracle working infomercial host? I think I'm exactly what you're looking for, I think I can do this job phenomenally, otherwise I would not have wasted your time applying! I'm not here to sing and dance, so please make up your mind and tell me what I don't have that another client does or that I'm your first candidate. If your turnover rate is high, tell me that, and I'll admit that my family comes first. If I come to the interview and I play the "what you see is what you get" card, you'll think I'm lazy and that I do not care about the position. If I sell myself too well, you'll think I'm a liar. I'm convinced you might think I'm a liar no matter how I sing and dance for you. I'm slowly learning that a large percentage of the world does not expect brutal honesty, at least not when money is involved. I'd like the job, please give it to me. Let's just try this for a month, that will work just fine, this isn't a marriage proposal. The pretentiousness of the job hunt is what I hate. We both know that I'm not perfect and the people I may soon be working for are not either. But instead of being honest about it, let's play a game--- and meanwhilte, we can all think of how great it was that time that our friend's uncle's brother's son just gave us that job/internship/gig. Sigh.

For now I will just keep hoping and praying that the perfect job will fall into my lap without losing too much sleep over it. Oh, and it would be nice if it was the first and only one I stumbled upon... but we're already past that point.

And for now, I'm grateful for the seat-warming, phone-answering job I do have; for these last two days.