one more thing.

Okay I lied, I have two things to note here.

From what I saw on all those "other" blogs, it didn't look like anyone was reading their posts, either. Phew. I can almost convince myself this really is an electronic journal!

And the other thing: we really need a camera.

utilizing brief periods of downtime

Over the last few weeks, while attempting to "work" (I am technically still working, since this "job" consists mainly of scanning volumes upon vloumes of journals into a computer, which involves a considerable amount of 15-20 second intervals of down time) I've come across some pretty terrific blogs. Unfortunately, I probably couldn't tell you their names/addresses or how I came across them. So many of them are beautiful poetic, and in languages I can't even identify. But you know what I realized was so great about the majority of them? The fact that they were sharing some of the most basic things about their life. It has just occurred to me that this ties into some of my thoughts more recently about how important relationships and connections are between people. Hmph.

On that note, instead of trying to say something profound, I think I'd rather share something a little more basic.

During the months of May and June, I did very little running (when I say run/running, it will always mean jog/jogging). Because of this, my feet did not hurt. And since my feet did not hurt, I started wearing traditional summer shoes: sandals, flip-flops, I even sported the occassional nude foot from time to time. What I did not realize, was that it would only take a few short runs to make me very sorry for not sporting my frumpy orthotics. After my 3-mile route this morning, I put my running shoes back on immediately.

And guess what I learned from google today? They actually make sandals I can use with my orthotics. And they don't even look like something my grandma used to wear!



Drive Carefully

I was driving to school yesterday, or work, err--both, since I work and go to school at school. Anyways. I was driving into the sun (that would be... yes, East). As I am traveling in the right lane, I see a lady on the sidewalk. She's tall, she's got something on her head, perhaps because it's not "fixed" and she is dressed casually (or maybe in her pajamas). I see her look my direction (left), but I'm pretty sure she hasn't seen me. She looks to her right and waits for the cars on the other side of the road as they come closer. Just as I am right in front of her, she begins to step out into the street as she looks at me. Our eyes locked and I am trying to figure out if I should swerve or slam on my brakes and inadvertantly do both. The giant leap towards me she has taken is harder for her to stop than she thought. But she manages to reverse her momentum, and as her wide eyes peer at mine we both manage to mouth the same giant word to each other: "SORRY!"

I was so grateful that this lady had the courage to mouth the word. She hadn't intended to risk her life, and because of that I suppose I just felt sorry that I had been right there at that time to scare the crap out of her! We certainly had a moment as I saw her life flash before her eyes.

At this point, I must admit that I have little understanding of road rage. It's not that I've never told someone they were an idiot for how they drive, because I have. I just don't see the point in getting SO angry about it.

And now that I think about it... I guess it really boils down to the fact that I don't have an anger issue. Hopefully anyone who is reasonably adjusted and moderately healthy on an emotional level has difficulty in understanding outrageous bursts of anger.

And that reminds me...This past weekend I took a therapy workshop for one wonderful hour of credit. Guess what it was called? Cognitive Therapy for Anger Management. It turns out that anger is a big issue, especially when you have compounding situations/history.

Perhaps we need to create some type of bumper-sticker system. From green to red or something, with about 4 levels. Green is for the polite and happy drivers, they might drive too slow, and the like to let people in. Yellow could be for someone like me, I might honk at you, but I'm probably not mad. I just want you to know that I didn't like that, you were about to hit me, or the light turned green. Orange could be for someone that just doesn't have too much patience in the car, they are always in a hurry and they might curse at you and show you the bird if you cut them off (on purpose or accident). Red would be for the crazys that might get out and punch/shoot(?) you if you take their parking space... or anyone with a history of violence or assault charges on their records.

The only problem is...

front or back bumper?