laugh a little

Lately, I've been really blessed by laughter. So, before I head off to clean and pack and try to remember my lengthy to do list... I thought I'd insert the embarrassing story I mentioned from last semester and I will try to insert my new favorite laughter-inspiring video.

So in December, I had this paper I needed to turn in for a class in order to get credit from another college course.

I decided to take the elevator upstairs since I was walking with some friends and completely passed the stairs (thankfully they continued on without me).

As I was telling my friends "good-bye" I pushed the button for the elevator and waited by myself.

I looked down and the button was not lit.

"Hmmm" I say to myself, "I must have been distracted and didn't actually push the button..."

So I pushed it again and I looked to SEE that the light came on.

I waited a little while and the light shut off, AGAIN!


And just a then the light-bulb in my head went off...

I pushed the button again and my suspicions were confirmed.

The elevator door BEHIND me opened and closed...
3 TIMES!!!

Smiles and laughter welcome HERE .

time flies when...

So sadly, not only have I not been posting, but I never even noticed the comments about my disappearance.

Anyways, my world is rapidly changing. Slow enough that I'm doing really well, but too fast for me to blog about it all, at least at this point. Perhaps some of my difficulty in keeping up a blog is my desire to spend time writing in paper journals and notes as well as reading and thinking about things pertaining to school, family, self, and the many things that fascinate me about the world I've been placed in.

Developmentally, I think I'm coming to a place where I'm not so intimidated by the world to just be me. That's a good place to be and a place where I hope each of you are and can be.

So the only reason I signed in today (Hooray! I even remembered my password, but I have no recollection about how to email blogs anymore!) was to share a (somewhat corny) anecdote from a book I'm reading called One Month to Live by Kerry and Chris Shook. The book is meant to be read over 30 days and is basically what it sounds like, questions to ask yourself and things to do today to help you live in a way that you make use of each moment God gives you. Anyways.

The excerpt: "I once heard about a guy who went to the doctor to get the results of his annual physical. His doctor met with him and said, 'I'm sorry, Bob. I've got some bad news for you. The tests shows...you only have six months to live.' Bob let the news sink in and asked, 'Is there anything I can do...' The doctor thought for a moment and said, 'There is one thing. You can move to the country and buy a pig farm and raise pigs. Then you can find a widow who has fourteen or fifteen kids, marry her, and bring all of them to live with you on the pig farm.' Bob looked puzzled and said, 'And that will help me live longer?' The doctor said, 'No, but it will seem like the longest six months of your life!'"

Some periods of our life go by faster than we have time to realize we're in them, others seem to be unending and arduous.

I think the story may mean more by my commenting less.

Have a great one!