%^#&* #)@$!!!

Yesterday, while driving home from the store. Elseigh was having a hard time getting her bunny's new jacket off of the hanger. As I listen, I hear her frustration building. What does she say?

"Tartar sauce!"

I laugh.

Then she says, "It's NOT FUNNY! Breathe through your nose and close your mouth so you won't laugh!"

So, I do.

Today, with her help, we remember what happened well enough to tell daddy. When we ask her who says "Tartar Sauce!" she responds, "Patrick." Thanks, SpongeBob, Thanks.


bath time marvels

I'd like to spend the time it would take to better develop this introduction, but I don't have that luxury. A few weeks ago I was giving my then 7-month-old a bath. She's mastered the whole sitting thing, but honestly bath time was a little easier when she didn't want to be so involved in playing or chewing on something while bathing. So basically, you have to hold her to make sure she doesn't lean too far into the water while bathing her at the same time. I don't know about you, but I baths scare me. I usually make Jon give as many baths as possible when our babies were very tiny. Slippery, soapy babies are a GIGANTIC responsibility!

During this particular time Alina nearly slipped and fell into the water. My heart leaped from my chest as I envisioned the scary outcome we might have faced. I thought to myself about the danger in the water around her all while she plays without a care in the world. I felt a tug at my heart, about how I've been the same way with God. There have been countless times in my life when I KNOW He has protected me. No, I don't know exactly what I was saved from, because I was oblivious to it. But I do know, that He's the reason I have arrived where I am today with all the blessings surrounding me. Don't get me wrong, I think there are many times in our lives when God holds us responsible for certain things and there are other times when He does allow us to see some portion of what He's saved us from. But it's important to note that there are times in our lives when we need to rest and know that, when we aren't in a place to know better, He has and does protect us like the loving Father He is.