Your Name Here

I have things to share. I really do. There are developed writings and a couple of pictures that really should make their way here for you. There are bits and pieces of journal writings and humorous conversations to retell.

But there are times and places where that's so much harder to do. Times when I don't have a computer and I don't make the time---when my inconsistency threatens me to stop altogether. But then a voice of reason and a look at other dusty blogs and calmly tells me not to be so rash. Then ideas stream in and someone asks if I've been writing. Or I get an email from a friend, calling me a writer with a link about making the time and space to write.

I also have things that I might not be ready to share. But I know that they should be written down and value can be given in the quiet places and soft voices where they are safely expressed. It would be a shame to look back on this year and not know how terrifying, wonderful, disappointing and monumental it was all at once. It would also be nice if I could just jump back in without sharing all this internal dialogue. But I can't.

I am writing again. And I am sharing with you. I'm not going to make lofty goals or anything, but I do know that this humble place has value. Thank you--- to those of you I know very well, and those of you who will leave no trace of ever having seen these words. Thank you for coming back and checking in---because I'm certain I learn more from the writing process than I will ever impart to you.


"Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:5